Treating The Spirit With Acupuncture

Treating The Spirit With Acupuncture

Are we, as acupuncturists, treating the spirit? In debating this, we not only have to define spirit, but also treatment. I would say that we are not treating the spirit, but by the same token we are also not treating the body. We do not treat in the sense of actively ‘curing’ or ‘making well’, […]

Martial Arts Urban Legends


Urban legends, or myths, are the modern-day equivalent of folklore. They are based upon misconception, misinformation and false beliefs and are to be found in practically any topic you can name. The world of martial arts is not immune to urban legends; in fact, we have some of the best ones around. From flying Buddhist […]

Enkidu Returns – Official Trailer


This is a parody video I created for my friends at We got to talking about making a film starring one of our members, “Enkidu”, and things quickly went to hell after that … … mainly at my instigation. Enjoy! Enkidu Returns – Trailer from Mr. Philstivus on Vimeo.

How To Choose A Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing isn’t just for martial arts warriors.  It provides fun with a fast-action cardio workout that builds muscles, confidence and burns a load of calories. It’s not complicated like some fitness programs. In fact, the moves are the least technical among all other martial arts according to some experts. If you have always been intimidated […]

There Are None So Blind


There’s an old saying that you’ve probably heard dozens of times … “There are none so blind as those who will not see” In my recent travels on the ‘Net I’ve become involved in, and on occasion have started, conversations about violent crime in America. The participants in these debates have for the most part […]

Is It Legal to Defend Yourself?


When you’re faced with danger it seems obvious that you should be able to defend yourself. However, it’s important to know your state laws regarding self-defense so that you can stay out of hot water in a defensive situation. There are a few things you need to remember when it comes to self-defense.  These rules […]

Sad, Very Sad Indeed


I couldn’t sleep last night so I did a search on Google to see what was trending in the internet world, and out of the blue I decided to look at the history of searches for the term “martial arts”. This is what I found:

Karate Male Team Kata Final – Japan vs. Italy – WKF World Championships Belgrade 2010 (2/2)

WKA Male Finals

History of Karate. Karate Male Team Kata Final. Japan vs. Italy. Performance of Team Italy in the WKF World Championships Belgrade 2010. Team Italy is formed… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kung Fu(S1) – The Praying Mantis Kills – Part 1


Muderous thugs come looking for Caine after he identifies them as perpetrators of a bank robbery . A youth’s ideas of what it means to be a man are challenge… Video Rating: 4 / 5



For the first time in our Fight club´s history there comes a fight between man and woman. Karate champion LUCIA KOVACIKOVA vs streetfighter MARTIN DUDAS. Can… This video caused quite a bit of merriment on BlackBeltForums, I can tell you …